Dr. Romi Raina, ND

Naturopathic Doctor and Founder

Dr. Sharon Hauck, ND

Naturopathic Doctor and Founder

This is Our Story

Collaborative Education provides quality continuing education credits for Naturopathic Doctors, by bringing together representatives of the most important aspects of Naturopathic Medicine to deliver balanced, fresh and stimulating information.

Today’s health care is inherently integrative as most patients receive care from many different health care practitioners, and the strength of any single system is in the collaboration of multiple systems. It is integral to any Naturopathic practice to have access to balanced information that focuses on patient-centered care, while interfacing with the many facets of health care systems. Incorporating the most current research and exploring novel approaches provides a fresh perspective, and works to stimulate the evolution of Naturopathic medicine within the holistic framework.

In Ontario Naturopathic Medicine proclaimed its college under the RHPA and with this comes a new quality assurance program. To understand your new continuing education requirements and the details of the TCONO quality assurance program please visit the TCONO website by clicking here.

Collaborative Education was established and is operated by Naturopathic Doctors Romi Raina and Sharon Hauck. Sharon and Romi have been practicing in Ontario for the past eight years and we recently started organizing CE courses for NDs. Collaborative Education offers highly stimulating CE credits that accessible and balanced. We endeavor to arrange speakers from a variety of health care disciplines who are the experts in their field. If you would like to learn more about Romi feel free to visit his website.